Hamilton Area Waterfalls Day Trip - Anton Falco

Albion Falls

Albion Falls

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the surrounding Niagara/Dundas Valley areas, are home to a large number of waterfalls. On April 8th, 2017, my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to view some of the local waterfalls. The area had been inundated by 30mm+ of rain in the previous two days, so we felt the flow of water in the surrounding the creeks would provide for some good pictures. We visited three waterfalls on the day, and we will aim to visit more throughout the year, as well as re-visit waterfalls we've visited previously.

Our first stop was the Devil's Punchbowl. Located on Ridge Road in Stoney Creek it's a 37m high waterfall. There's lots of parking in the area, but it can get rather busy on weekends; especially if the weather is nice, and your visit is following some rainfall. Be aware, they do charge for parking here as well. I, personally, had complications getting to spots that weren't already taken by other people, or weren't blocked by trees. The falls are directly to your left after exiting the parking lot, and the overlook is directly ahead. The pictures enclosed show the upper level falls and the overlook of the city of Hamilton. I'll be re-visiting this location for better shots and to visit the lower section, as I did not get the chance to visit the lower section last time. It shouldn't take you very long to view the city overlook and the trail around the falls itself. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your pace. Along Ridge Road, heading back toward Centennial Parkway, there's Devil's Punchbowl Market, which is worth a stop.

Our second stop was to Felker's Falls, which is located near Ackland Street (off Paramount) in Stoney Creek. It is located among a subdivision, but there should be enough parking if you go around non-peak hours. It was not busy when we arrived at around 6pm. It is a 22m high waterfall, but visibility to the area is somewhat obstructed by trees if you stay on the trail surrounding the falls. If you follow the trail upstream of the falls, you get a nice view of the creek supplying the waterfall itself, which I think is even better than the view of the falls. If you follow the trail west, it will take you to another overlook of the city. I'll try to get to the lower section in the future for better shots of the falls itself. Following the entire trail around Felker's Falls shouldn't take you longer than an hour; depending on how many pictures or your pace, of course.

Our last stop was to Albion Falls, which is located on Mountain Brow Boulevard, is a 19m cascade waterfall. There is a parking lot beside it and across the street, and further along Mountain Brow Boulevard, so even in busy hours, which will be nearly every nice weather weekend, there shouldn't be major parking concerns. If you're a photographer, you'll need to take your time for pictures, as there will be LOTS of people around. Long Exposure shots look great at Albion Falls, and you'll see some examples below. There is a trail that extends further down along the creek, but it is mostly mud and stone, so come prepared gear-wise.

Of the three locations, I like Albion Falls the most, but you will have to deal with a much busier area than the other two, in my experiences. I will re-visit these sites throughout the year and will introduce more of the falls in the southern Ontario region to my website.


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