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Tews Falls And Dundas Peak, Ontario Hike.

A few friends and I decided to go on a late morning hike on February 27th, 2016. Two days earlier, a severe thunderstorm complex ran through the area, dropping plenty of rain. While it did make the trails muddy and a bit slick, it increased the flow of water in the creek and made both the Tews Falls and nearby Webster Falls a nice sight to see.

Tews Falls is a 41m (134 feet) high waterfall located in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. It takes, maybe, 5 minutes to access once you find a parking spot (that's actually the toughest part of the adventure; depending on the day and time, of course). You'll have two trail options: left and right from the lot. Tews is to the left. There are two metal overhangs; giving you a great view of the falls from two different angles. In the image above, I was adjacent to the overhang to try to get a better view of the falls.

If you continue past the overhangs, the hike around the falls and towards Dundas Peak is a really nice sight; even in winter with no leaves (or bugs). Be warned: if you decide to hike after a rainfall or snow melt, it'll be quite muddy and quite slick. Boots really help you here (believe me, I know from experience). The entire trail loops back around to the starting area.

I've enclosed some pictures below to give you a general idea of how the trail looks, and some panorama pictures of Dundas Peak overlook itself. If you're in the area, it's a short and relatively easy hike, but an enjoyable one. There are surrounding trails (Borer's Falls, the City of Dundas, Hermitage Trail) and waterfalls if you'd prefer a longer hike than the 1-2 hours that this one offers. I still highly recommend checking it out after a snow melt or good storm.

Of Note:

-Cost: $10/vehicle (perhaps more In the busy season)

-Time To Visit: After a storm that drops a good amount of rain, the Winter (for the frozen falls) and the Fall for the leaves changing colors. Weekends will be a lot busier.

-Time To Finish: Entirely subjective as it depends on your pace, but it can last anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours if you hike the entire length of the trail.

-Miscellaneous: Boots are helpful for wetter hikes. Be prepared for muddy trails and puddles.

I will update with any new changes and, of course, re-visit in the changing seasons.


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